Roberto Samcam: The departure of Ortega is cooking!

Roberto Samcam: The departure of Ortega is cooking! Omar Halleslevens will be the new Acting President.

100%  Noticias, Redacción Central, 5 December 2018

Retired Major Roberto Samcam revealed that negotiations point towards retired General Omar Halleslevens to take over as Acting President of Nicaragua if Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo resign, in a process of transition until the country’s general elections.

Samcam who is in exile in Costa Rica due to persecution by the Sandinista regime, gave these statements in the program ‘100% Entrevistas’ with journalist Lucía Pineda Ubau, transmited by the channel 100% Noticias.

The ex-soldier pointed out that sectors of the Sandinista old guard, retired General Humberto Ortega, people of the Army, the United States and big business are having meetings about a “soft landing” of the transition of the government and the country to end the current crisis in Nicaragua that has lasted eight months and in which more than 500 people have died.

“The ‘soft landing’, as it is called, has already begun, and General Omar Halleslevens is going to have a preponderant role in this transition process. That is what is being agreed upon. I believe that the Army has already defined its role but more because of the pressures exercised by the United States than the pressures exercised by the people – that must be said with all clarity. With almost 600 dead, this upheaval looks like misunderstood loyalty towards the reigning powers”, he revealed.

Roberto Samcam explained that Halleslevens would come to the Presidency because he “is a deputy due to his previous mandate (as vice president) and according to the Constitution when the President and the Vice President resign, the Assembly chooses who will replace the President and I have no doubt at all that this will be General Halleslevens, that’s what I believe and that has been rumored in different circles”, he said.

“It seems to me that the Army has given its approval, because (Halleslevens) is not a tainted figure. He has not been marked with acts of corruption,” but “everyone would be aware of his actions.”

Roberto Samcam began his interview explaining why Daniel Ortega attacked his brother Humberto last Monday December 3, where he called him “the pawn of the oligarchy and imperialism.” This according to the ex-military man is because Ortega knows that his brother and the Army are involved in the transition process.

“Daniel Ortega demonstrated a lack of control… it is like he is in a moving car in which his brother is having a very active role. We are talking about a series of meetings that are being developed, and what at some point was called a ‘soft landing’, in which the Army would be having a very important part in the first order and in which General Humberto Ortega would not be left on the side “, he said.

Samcam said that Ortega is quite aware that “his days are pretty close to misgovernment.”

He commented that Ambassador Kevin Sullivan’s visit to the army headquarters, a few days before the US Senate approved sanctions against Rosario Murillo and Néstor Moncada Lau, “was a clear and evident signal of what is coming and in which the Army would be assuming the role that it should have assumed from the first day that an armed paramilitary appeared. ”

He pointed out that the army is trying to wash its hands of not having disarmed the Sandinista paramilitaries, even if it is too late, and Ortega knows that his brother is also behind this.

“Until Sullivan’s visit, the Army was seriously committed to the repressive escalation from the beginning, and I believe that Daniel Ortega has already realized that this loyalty is broken and what he is doing is complaining”. He added that the General’s voice is listened to in the command of the Military Council, because they were subordinated to him when he was head of the institution in the 90s.

Samcam said that “there cannot be a peaceful and normal transition if there is no justice, if there is no payment for the crimes committed” and at the negotiation table the Blue and White National Unity (UNAB) should participate on behalf of the Nicaraguan people who are the ones who have suffered the repression and violence of the Ortega y Murillo regime.

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